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Congratulations to all of those reading this who have survived the Mayan Apocalypse.  We’re busy digging out from the Metrobay Comix bunker so we don’t have quite as much stuff this week but it’s all good reading.

This week we have The 12 Dames of Twistmas Part 1 going into the Free section; for our subscribers we have the beginning of Past Mistakes and then Part 2 of The Kitty Kringle Caper!  

Remember that you need to be a paying member of Metrobay Comix to enjoy our stories except for the things in our Free section!  To join, please go to and click the button under “Sign Me Up!”.  For other details see my introduction message earlier on this forum.  


THE 12 DAMES OF TWISTMAS PART 1 -  FREE ARCHIVE're a villainess and a powerful sorceress in the city of Metrobay. The holidays are approaching and you're feeling a bit down. What's to be done when going out and magically controlling slaves as become a bit...passe?

How about joining an online dating service for a nice anonymous hookup?

Join Mesmerella as she finds all about creepy internet boyfriends and stranger danger in:

The 12 Dames of Twistmas Part 1

Find my first story for Metrobay Comix in our Free gallery at…


Wicked cheer and evil laughter for all!

Babydoll has a Christmas light show planned for captive Kitten - oh no!!  We will add the festive finish to this series next week!…


Hi Metrobay followers! Trishbot here with my grand solo debut at Metrobay Comix! So, how are we going to get started?

Dr. Twisted. Belinda Giolla. Two of the most infamous mad scientists to ever terrorize the Superheroine Squad. They're both brilliant, creative, and both can't STAND each other. But that wasn't ALWAYS the case... Just how did these two mad geniuses meet, and how exactly did their lives spiral out of control? What caused them to hate one another so much? See how it all began in "Past Mistakes" #1!…
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